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Not sure what to write inside the gift card? Here are some real life examples to help get you started: 


EXAMPLES SENT FROM FAMILY & FRIENDS: (scroll down page to see work place examples) 

Thinking of you my dear friend - hope something in here helps in any small way.
Being so far away we can't just pop in and say hi, but just letting you know we are thinking of you and we send our love. Take care.
Sisters forever. We adore you and are with you all the way. Arohanui
Always remember that you are braver than you think, stronger than you seem, and loved more than you know.
We are always here for you. Sending you lots of love
I can't take what you're feeling away,  but hope this care package helps. Sending loads of love
A little something to let you know we are thinking of you and love you!
Lots of thoughts and prayers for you. Hope this brings some love and comfort to you.
Sending you huge hugs and support
One day at a time my friend.  You are amazing.  We love you!
Our thoughts are love are with you daily.  This Care Package we hope will be useful for you as you move forward into Chemo.  Much love to you
Sending this wee care package and a hug… love from Us.
Mum/Nana, Just a little something to help you through the coming months. We love you.
Thinking of you and your beautiful family during this time. Best wishes for your upcoming treatment .
Just some shit to stop you feeling shit, You got this mum.
I'm so sorry I'm not up there with you. Please know that I'll be thinking of you, even more than usual :)
I hope what you find in this box helps make the process even just a little more comfortable. See you soon,
We hope these help a bit with any side effects. Holding you in our thoughts as you go through your treatment.
Hope this helps you smash it at chemo. Thinking of you.
I know you don't need any of these things for a while, but I just wanted you to know you are loved and thought about.
Just remember you are not alone in this girlfriend! Love you lots,
I hope this will give you a small amount of comfort in the weeks to come
Poppa, we are all thinking of you and although can't be there beside you in person we are there in thought xoxox
Thinking of you and wishing all the best through your recovery. You are a strong, amazing woman and I appreciate everything that you do. xx
Sending you lots of love and healing vibes, you've got this! We hope these goodies help a little during treatment. Lots of love
We are thinking of you and praying for you for a speedy recovery. Stay strong and remember we are always there for you. Love you lots
Just remember you are so loved and you have our support every step of the way. Lots of love
I know that the road ahead of you looks scary, but I wanted to let you know that we are here to support you every step of the way. 
Thinking of you and here for you always ,may your days be surrounded in love and comfort‚ love to you my dear friend

Examples from a work place:

We are all thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery. From everyone at ...
We're with you in Spirit!  Thinking of you all and sending all of our love and support.
Thinking of you with much care and affection.
Just a little something to brighten your day.
We are all thinking of you and wishing you all the very best for your operation on the 27th.  We hope that this little box will be of some help while you are in hospital.
A little gift for you and your family. We want you to know that you are in our thoughts.
There is no good card or present for this - just know I am thinking of you and am so very sorry. 
You will be constantly in my thoughts and I look forward to catching up with you when the time is right.
You are in our prayers and thoughts always. Know you are amazing for facing this with so much courage and hope. Enjoy this care package and remember to take time for you as that's all the matters right now. Lots of love, your team
We're with you in Spirit!  Thinking of you all and sending all of our love and support.
Sending good vibes and positive thoughts your way as you start your chemo. I hope the things in this gift basket help you with making the journey easier. Thinking of you. The Team. Xxxxx
This wee pack is for days when your Superwoman cape needs a rest - thinking of you and sending you lost of positive energy. Lots of love from your Leadership team xxxx
Happy half way.  Love from your Work family
E iti noa ana nā te aroha | A small thing given with love. We are all thinking of you and wishing you the best possible journey through this challenging time. Much love,
We have been very moved to hear of the unexpected journey you have found yourself on.  We are keeping you and Mark in our thoughts and wishing you strength and courage as you fight each day back to health.
Kia kaha arohanui from the team at ….



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