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Welcome to Care Box!

I am Siobhan and I am a long-term patient (20+ years), cancer charity founder, patient advocate, wife and mum of two teenage boys & hairy daughter, (aka our dog Pixie)

The reason I started Care Box actually starts way back when I was 25 years old and I was diagnosed with a hereditary cancer syndrome called M.E.N. Type 1. This genetic syndrome was passed down to me from my father who died from it when he was 44, and I was just 3 years old. Over the years I have undergone numerous surgeries to remove parts of organs that were growing these tumours, and I will face more surgery and treatments in the near future. I have recently been diagnosed with Type 3c Diabetes (surgically induced diabetes) following having my pancreas removed a number of years ago and I am likely to lose the rest of my pancreas soon too due to neuroendocrine tumours growing in there.

When I was facing my first big surgery, I really wanted to talk to other patients about their own experience, especially on the best way to recover well afterwards. Frustrated by the lack of patient support, I founded Unicorn Foundation New Zealand (now Neuroendocrine Cancer Foundation NZ) to aid those with Neuroendocrine Cancers. In 2015 we fundraised to establish a key type of diagnostic scan called a Gatate PET-CT for the first time in New Zealand, (this scan has also helps thousands of Prostate Cancer patients too, called PSMA). We also lobbied government agencies to get a key treatment called PRRT set up which is now available to all New Zealanders. I also set up a free national support service for patients that continues to this day.

These experiences have offered me a unique life perspective, teaching me the importance of timely treatment and support and how powerful it is to have someone in your corner during the tough times. Care Box is a way to facilitate meaningful interactions, to ensure no one feels isolated in their own journey.

So when you know someone is having a challenging time, it's important to remember that you can’t fix what they are going through but if they know you are there for them - it will help them immensely. 

Care Box is here to make it easier for you, to be there for them.